The Preschool is a registered charitable company by limited guarantee (registered charity 1128585) and is run by a voluntary Management Committee.

This is to ensure any decisions that are made are in the best interests of the setting and that all legal requirements are adhered to.

The committee oversees the employment and management of staff and the financial running of the setting. As well as this, a key task of the committee is to raise funds to equip the Preschool.

There are up to twelve trustees of the charity comprising of three honorary officers; Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and a maximum of nine committee members. The members are elected by the parents/carers of the children who attend the Preschool. The elections take place at the Preschool’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held in the Autumn term each year.

As a committee member, you need to be able to attend meetings regularly to ensure the smooth running of the Preschool and to help organise and run the fundraising events as part of a team.

The committee adheres to a constitution which is adopted at the AGM.

The Preschool constitution is a set of ‘rules’ which the management adhere to in order to oversee the running of the Preschool.

Our Current Preschool Committee:

  • Chairperson: Victoria Freer
  • Secretary: Sarah Faliveno
  • Treasurer: Charlotte Morgan
  • Committee members:  Emma, Lily, Suzi, Alannah, Louise

Joining the committee gives you the opportunity to make new friends and support our wonderful preschool.