Tapestry and the key person system


At Stowupland Preschool your child’s learning journey will be documented using an online programme called Tapestry, an innovative, interactive Learning Journey.  To get the full benefit of the Learning Journey you can download the free Tapestry app from the App Store. You can comment on what your child has been up to in the nursery and add photos and activities that they have been involved in at home. For more information please ask a staff member at preschool.

The key person system

The key person approach is a way of working in childcare settings in where the whole focus is aimed at enabling close relationships between individual children and individual practitioners. A key person helps the child to feel familiar within the setting and to feel confident and safe within it. When children feel happy
and secure they are usually more confident to explore and try out new things. The key person approach ensures that parents have the opportunity to build a personal relationship with ‘someone’ rather than all working within the setting.

At Stowupland Preschool parents and carers are always welcome to have a chat with their child’s key person.