We use Tapestry to complete your child’s Learning Journey.  This is an online program, which instantly uploads reports, photos and observations.   Our staff will upload a daily snapshot of what the children have been doing in the setting, along with some in-depth observations on each individual child throughout each term.

Tapestry is also used to update parents on important announcements and events taking place in the setting.

To get the full benefit of the Learning Journey, you can download the free Tapestry app from the App Store.  This app allows you to look at photos, comment and upload your own observations from home. We encourage families to upload as much as possible to input into their child’s Learning and Development Journal.

The key person system

The Early Years Foundation Stage acknowledges the importance of a key person. This helps a child to feel familiar within a setting and to feel confident and safe within it. When children feel safe and secure, they are more confident to explore, learn, play and grow.

We use the key person approach to develop and build a strong relationship between your child and our staff.

We believe a supportive adult will aid and scaffold your child’s learning. Each child is allocated a key person when starting within our setting. This key person will work closely with your child, developing their learning skills and basing their planning and next steps around each individual child’s interest.

Your child is introduced to their key person on their first session. Before your child starts, we ask parents to complete a short ‘About Me’ document. This helps the key person to learn more about them as an individual and be able to meet the child’s individual needs.

Throughout your child’s time in our setting, we always strongly encourage a strong relationship between parents and your child’s key person. You are always welcome to have a chat with your child’s key person, at any time. We do offer an informal parents evening so that you can discuss your child’s progress with their key person.